The Polpharma Group Ethics Program is the result of a discussion about our goals, our motives, who we are, and what we do. The premise of the Ethical Program is to maintain high standards in everyday work, both among colleagues from the company and external partners.

The elements of the Ethics Program:

  • The Code of Ethics
  • Internal and external
  • Ethics education
  • Institutional support
  • Violation reporting system



This document sets out a system of ethical values, norms and rules of conduct for each of us, regardless of the position held and the nature of the tasks performed.

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The Polpharma Group Code of Ethics is part of a comprehensive Ethical Program implemented in the company to build a strong ethical culture in Polpharma Group. The provisions of the Code of Ethics are based on shared ethical values for employees, which include: respect, honesty, responsibility, cooperation and solidarity.

The Code of Ethics is a type of constitution for the rights and obligations of employees of Polpharma Group. The Code helps us deal with difficult or ethically ambiguous situations at work. It supports us in making the right decisions regardless of the nature of the job and the position we occupy.

In 2018, Polpharma Group implemented a new important document in Poland – the Anti-Corruption Code. It is a set of rules and procedures whose task is to define the standards of conduct of employees and associates of Polpharma Group in order to counteract corruption and its negative effects.


We talk with our colleagues and business partners about our standards and ethical values.

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We believe in communication based on openness and transparency, and in dialogue both within and beyond the organisation.

Detailed information about our Code of Ethics and our principles is available on our intranet and in company publications. We also communicate directly, inviting our colleagues to participate in meetings in individual companies in Poland and abroad, as well as presenting the good practices and experience of Polpharma on an external forum.


We focus on education and continuous expansion of knowledge in the field of ethics.

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We conduct e-learning training and lectures, which have allowed us to create an organisational culture based on values that are clear for all ​​of us.


As part of the institutional solutions, we have appointed a Compliance Officer at Polpharma.

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The role of the Compliance Officer is to oversee the proper functioning of the Ethics Programme, to comply with the provisions of the Code of Ethics (accepting and investigating reports regarding violations of ethical principles), as well as to provide employees with advice on ethically difficult matters.


The violation reporting system consists of tools and communication channels that provide employees with the opportunity to report violations of the principles adopted in the Code of Ethics.

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In Polpharma Group, we have created a dedicated email address and phone number for direct contact with the Compliance Officer. Queries can also be sent via an interactive form.


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