At Polpharma, we create innovations that ensure the availability and greater safety of our products, greater ease of use of drugs and improvement of patient compliance with therapeutic recommendations, and higher effectiveness of a therapy. We are one of the most innovative companies in Poland – which is confirmed by national rankings.

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We invest significant resources in the development of new products. Our domain is generic drugs, thanks to which we enable access to modern therapies for a wide group of patients. We conduct our own research and development, and we cooperate with universities and research institutes in Poland and abroad. We develop products in new, very advanced areas: ophthalmology, spirometry (asthma) and injectables (long-acting injections for the treatment of schizophrenia).


Polpharma invests significant resources in the development of new products and innovative solutions

Our specialisations

We develop a broad range of forms and specialise in difficult-to-make products.

We have three R&D centres located in proximity to three manufacturing sites. See the projects and forms we specialise in:


Wide range of Polpharma R&D projects


Our specializations – legend


R&D Dry Powder Inhalers icon      Orally Inhaled Products: Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI)

Icon tablets   Tablets: Immediate release (IR)  Modified release (SR, XR, DR)  Combinations

Icon capsules   Capsules: Hard gelatin  Soft gelatine (GR softgel)  Twist-off

Icon eye drops    Eye drops: Solutions  Suspensions  Preservative free (ECO) forms

Icon sterile injections and infusions   Sterile injections & infusions: Long Acting Injectables (LAI)




  • ORLISTAT hard capsule the only generic manufacturer in EU
  • PROPOFOL suspension for infusion 〉successful development
  • DISULFIRAM implantation tablets 〉successful development
  • EYE DROPS SOLUTION ECO 〉9 multidose, preservative free (ECO) products successfully developed

Our R & D in numbers

Polpharma is a leader in inventiveness - according to the European Patent Office (EPO), in 2019 Polpharma once again ranked first among all Polish enterprises in terms of the number of patent applications filed (6). More Polish applications to the EPO were received only from the Jagiellonian University (12).

People in laboratory
  • 419 R&D employees, including 72 with a doctorate
  • Polpharma Group R & D centres with strategic partners – 3 in Poland and 2 abroad
  • Spending on research and development in Poland: PLN 301 million in 2017; PLN 205 million in 2018
  • PLN 1,500 million for research and development in 2000-2017
  • Currently, Polpharma Group is conducting 270 development projects
  • Investments in modern factories and laboratories
    – Construction of a new factory for the production of non-sterile forms of medicines in Sieradz, doubling the production capacity in this field and the development of modern inhalation medicines
    – Construction of a competence centre for sterile production (injectable and ophthalmic drugs) in Starogard Gdański
    – Construction of a new factory in Duchnice, which will provide contract production services for global biotechnology companies
    – A pilot line for the production of powders for inhalation and a modern laboratory for analysis in Sieradz

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