Values in Polpharma Group

In Polpharma Group, we share common goals and values. They are a signpost of conduct in our everyday work and in contacts with colleagues and business partners. They show who we are and how we perform all our activities.

Our values:



These values describe the organisational culture that we want to build in our organisation every day. They define the way we want to work, i.e. how we achieve our goals and how we relate to our tasks, challenges and each other. We want to create an open organisation focused on teamwork, learning from each other and exchanging experiences.

The values ​​we share are also an integral part of employee evaluation.


  • We treat others with respect, regardless of position, views, age, seniority, nationality, gender, orientation, religion or health.
  • We respect different points of view.
  • We provide feedback in a constructive manner.
  • We appreciate the effort of others, their time and commitment.


Close-up on holding hands
  • We speak openly about what is important to us and to others.
  • We treat own or other’s mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • We act honestly, i.e. in accordance with the law, ethical principles, procedures and decency.


Our values
  • We adhere to our agreements, and we encourage our colleagues to do so.
  • We work as a team, so we work at the highest level because we know that others depend on us.
  • In our decisions and actions, we remember that what we do affects people’s health and lives.


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  • When our tasks affect the work of others, we try to understand their point of view and involve them in decision making.
  • Our achievements are the result of joint action, so we support each other in carrying out tasks.


Business meeting
  • We work as a team, so we share ideas that can help others improve their work.
  • We ask for the opinion of others and look forward to feedback.
  • We invite people who can bring a new point of view to each project or task.
  • We invite partnerships from those who want every Pole to have a chance to live 100 years in the best health possible.

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