History of Polpharma

85 years ago, a citizen of the Free City of Gdańsk, Kurt Boskamp, founded the "Polpharma" Polish Chemical and Pharmaceutical Factory on the premises of a former agricultural machinery factory. Since then, many years of work for patients has followed. Polpharma is now the leader of the Polish pharmaceutical market, is one of the largest generic companies in the world, and is still developing dynamically so that patients can take care of their health and attain long life.


The first commercial series of the drug manufactured in the new Medana production department, belonging to the Polpharma Group, was released for trading. This way, the company completed a 4-year investment period, which included a new facility for the production of non-sterile liquid forms, a new warehouse of packaging materials and raw materials, and a new R&D laboratory, where development projects in the field of inhalation drugs are carried out.

Medana plant


According to the decision of the Supervisory Board of Polpharma S.A., the process of separating the Biotechnology Department from the Pharmaceutical Works Polpharma S.A. was completed. As a result, Polpharma Biologics became an independent legal entity.


Polpharma took first place in the XII Ranking of Responsible Companies – the most important list of leaders of social responsibility and sustainable development in Poland. For the first time in the history of the ranking, a Polish company has won the leadership position. Polpharma obtained the maximum possible number of points. The company would repeat this success in 2019.

Ranking of Responsible Companies logo


A new investment was launched in Sieradz: construction of the new Non-Sterile Fluid Plant increased the production capacity of current drugs and enabled the introduction of further products from the portfolio of both Medana Pharma S.A. as well as other companies in Polpharma Group.

Plant in Sieradz


Construction began of a new biological drug production plant for external clients in Duchnice.

Link to page Inwestycje Duchnice


Polpharma celebrated its 80th anniversary. To mark this occasion, it organised the Polrun relay race.

Runners of Pol-Run Event


Polpharma published the first CSR report according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

Cover of CSR Raport


Polpharma started a strategic joint venture cooperation in the area of biotechnology with the German company Neuraxpharm.

German Company Neuraxpharm


Polpharma opened a Representative Office in Vietnam.

Flag of Vietnam


The company Sanfarm, based in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone, became part of Polpharma S.A. Pharmaceutical Works. Following the merger of the two companies, Polpharma’s Manufacturing Division in Nowa Dęba was established to carry out pharmaceutical manufacturing operations for both member companies of Polpharma Group and third parties.

Nowa Dęba building


Polpharma acquired a majority stake in Polfa Warszawa S.A.

Logo Polfa Warszawa S.A


The first laboratories were opened in a biotech centre in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park.

Laboratory buildings of the biotechnology center in Gdańsk


The largest local drugs manufacturer in Kazakhstan – Chimpharm (Santo) – joins Polpharma Group.

Logo of Santo


Polpharma acquires the antibiotics portfolio and the Production Plant in Duchnice from Bioton.

Production Department building in Duchnice


Polpharma passed an inspection by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a result, APIs manufactured by the company gained access to the highly developed US market.

Logo of FDA


Two new affiliated companies are established – in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.


Polpharma received ISO 14001 environmental certificate and an OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certificate.


Polpharma began strategic cooperation with Akrikhin – one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia.

Logo of Akrikhin


Polpharma established an independent affiliated company in Belarus. Previously, the division in Lithuania was responsible for this country.


Polpharma opened a new training and administration centre in Starogard Gdański, which significantly expanded the company’s capabilities relating to the organisation of training sessions and meetings with clients and guests.

Building of training and administration centre in Starogard Gdański


The company started operation of a new ampoule production facility. Its annual production capacity amounts to 50 million glass ampoules. The property was designed and built in accordance with cGMP requirements for sterile production.


The company opened another facility – a Logistics Centre. The building complies with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for the storage of pharmaceutical products.

Logistic Centre inside


Polpharma opened a modern building for the Research and Development Centre and Quality Control Laboratory. The facility meets the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). It is one of the largest facilities of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe.

Building of the Research and Development Center and the Quality Control Laboratory


Polpharma implemented a coherent and modern visual identification for packages of prescription drugs.

Packages of prescription drugs


Polscreen, a National Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Program, began. It was the largest global population-based study, developed by the Prevention Committee of the Polish Cardiac Society, financed by a research grant for Polpharma and awarded funds for the years 2002–2005.


In December, Polpharma launched its new branding.

Logo of Polpharma from 2002


A Trade Office was established in Warsaw, with dynamic and modern marketing and sales structures. The Office is located at ul. Sapieżyńska.

Trade office building


The first Etopiryna commercial appeared on TV. Since that time, this drug for headache has inevitably been associated with Ms Goździkowa, a well-known commercial actress.

Etopiryna commercial


Polpharma established the Foundation for the Development of Polish Pharmacy and Medicine, which annually announces a competition for the best research projects.

Logo of Foundation for the Development of Polish Pharmacy and Medicine


The company opened a division in Moscow operating in the Russian Federation and the Central Asian republics. It also established a branch in Ukraine.


A new chapter in Polpharma history opened on 20 July. The company became a privately-owned entity, with all its shares held by Polish investors. The Spectra Management and Prokom Investments Consortium became the majority shareholder of the Company. This was the beginning of restructuring and significant investment in the development of the company.

signing a privatization document


Na Litwie powstaje pierwsze przedstawicielstwo Polpharmy.


Polpharma began the construction of a new solid dosage forms manufacturing facility. The facility, built through the cooperation of an international team, was one of the most modern pharmaceutical plants in Europe.

solid dosage forms manufacturing facility


The company starts business operation as a sole-shareholder company owned by the State Treasury, and returns to the historic name “Polpharma”.

Logo starogard Gdański from 1995


The company exceeded 3000 employees. Exports of pharmaceutical substances and medicines represented approximately 50% of the company’s sales. The products of Starogard-based “Polfa” were sold to 60 countries on all continents.

Polfa in Starogard Gdański


The company developed and modernised its infrastructure.

Helicopters placespharmaceutical substances


The production of pharmaceutical substances grew, followed by the production of finished dosage forms: tablets and ampoules.

Production of finished dosage forms


A Plant Research Laboratory began operation.

Plant Research Laboratory


The company was incorporated into the Pharmaceutical Industry Union “Polfa”.

Polfa buildings


The plant’s name was charged to “Starogardzkie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne”.

Starogardzkich Zakładów Farmaceutycznych Plant


The company started the production of sulfathiazole – a popular bacteriostatic drug.

Production of sulfathiazole


Polpharma was nationalised. Two chemists – Zygmunt Gmaj and Jerzy Sumczyński – become the managers of the facility.

Zygmunt Gmaj and Jerzy Sumczyński in factory


A Polish Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant “Polpharma” was established in Starogard Gdański.

A Polish Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant “Polpharma”


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Statuette Success of the Year 2006
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