Digital Transformation Model

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Digital Organization

Digital organisation is about our company culture; collaboration and communication; supporting processes delivered by various divisions; and a modern way of working. The digital transformation is about people – it is critical to educate, inspire and enable them to engage in this change.

It includes digital innovations that will affect the way we execute supporting processes, including Digital Workplace, business intelligence, internal PR activities, education of employees, collaboration and open communication.

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Digital Commerce / Marketing

Digital commerce / marketing is about our digital presence and image in the market, ways of communicating and building relations with our stakeholders (patients, healthcare professionals, etc.), creating value with digital solutions, and using big data analytics and / or artificial intelligence for better access to our consumers.

It covers digital innovation that will affect the way we execute our marketing, sales and professional relations activities.


Digital Product

We provide digital solutions for our products that add value to patients and healthcare professionals in the form of improved patient compliance, convenience, additional services improving therapy impact, etc. This can be relate to a product itself, its packaging, or specific software applications.

It covers digital innovation that will affect the way we develop / enhance products in our core business.


Digital Operation

Digital operation relates to the extent to which production and quality management activities are digitalised. It is about the level of “paperless” communication, how many “intelligent” solutions we have in managing energy, water and other supplies, what the usage of the “Internet of Things” is, and how we use data for predictive maintenance.

It covers digital innovations that will affect the way we execute key operational processes (manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, etc.) and QA /  QC.


Digital Ecosystem

Digital Ecosystem relates to the way we interact with organisations (public, business, scientific) around us in order to maximise the value we provide to our customers and the growth of our business. It is about how we build partnerships, and how we integrate stakeholders to enable better / healthier lives for our patients.

It also covers digital innovation in government relations, the development of the Digital Polpharma image, and monitoring external digital development.


New digital business

New digital business is about searching for new business opportunities that are created by the digital revolution in healthcare and that will allow us to deliver healthcare solutions to patients in a more complementary and integrated way, with an emphasis on disease prevention and healthier living.

It covers the development, acquisition and partnership of new digital lines of business outside of our core activities,  such as telemedicine and patient platforms.

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