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Here, the primary activity of our company takes place. We are responsible for the manufacturing of medicines and medical substances according to the highest manufacturing standards described in Good Manufacturing Practice. Here, we also deal with technological modifications, we carry out the manufacturing process validation and we control quality of the manufactured products.

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Recruitment step by step



Interested in joining the Polpharmа team? Start the recruitment process and apply for the position you are interested in. At this stage, your application will be assessed by a recruiter.

Telephone interview

If we find your application interesting, we will contact you to interview you over the phone.

Recruitment meetings

When talking to the HR Department and line manager you will be able to present your competences and get to know our company and the position you are applying for.

Making a decision

At the last stage of recruitment, you will meet your senior manager. Following that interview, you will receive the final decision about your potential employment.

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Outside working hours

Taking a step further together – not only at work, but also outside working hours! Our employees are quick to put sports in the forefront. And us? We put our employees in the forefront. Therefore, we support all initiatives related to active leisure, participating in sports and integration of all staff, and we get involved in volunteer activities.

Let's go cycling

Let's go cycling

You can never have too much exercise, which is why we motivate ourselves and others to cycle! Covered bike shelters have been built in selected spaces at company premises, and employees who cycle to work can regularly expect a variety of prizes!

Family picnics

Family picnics

When the weather gets warmer, we organise integrative picnics. This is yet another opportunity to get some fresh air, hear the opinions of colleagues, strengthen the team’s ties and engage with the local community. One such picnic is held on Polpharma Day.

Sports competitions

Sports competitions

We are interested in a variety of sports so we do not limit ourselves to competition in only one discipline. You can meet us at competitions for medical and pharmaceutical professionals, including MTB championships, marathons, ski competitions and triathlons!

Employees on Polpharma


Krystian Manufacturing

I started work at Polpharmа as a junior mechanic. Thanks to career development opportunities, I took the position of a senior technical operator. I often use the benefits available to employees by going to a swimming pool, sauna or gym.
Quality Control

Magdalena Quality Control

My adventure with Polpharmа started with a graduate scheme, after which I started working at the Quality Control Department. The work here provides great opportunities to develop, learn, and acquire valuable skills. As part of our work, we are responsible for human life and health. It is a great responsibility but it also gives us satisfaction and awareness that we are doing something important.

Filip Manufacturing

In my position, it is most important to have technical aptitude to be able to solve automation and mechanics-related problems. In my everyday work, I above all appreciate the specific, fixed working hours and the good atmosphere.

Daniel Manufacturing

I work at the Solid Forms Department, in the packaging room. The atmosphere in the team is very good – when I need help, there is always someone nearby to help or give advice. I am not the first in my family to work at a Polpharmа plant – it is almost a family tradition now.
Katarzyna Sobstyl

Katarzyna Finance

Polpharma has given me the opportunity to test myself in new roles. I was able to gain experience in many Trade Office departments, which has allowed me to get to know the company from a broader perspective. For me, working in a company ‘with a human face’ is of great value. I am pleased that I can work with ambitious colleagues who develop their passions both at work and in private life. Polpharma offers great opportunities for development, which allows employees to broaden their own horizons.

Dariusz Sales

With the friendly atmosphere here at Polpharma, I can expand my knowledge and skills and efficiently perform my tasks. Additionally, with Polpharma, I can develop my passion for sports: I take part in football and tennis tournaments organised during Polpharma Day. I am proud to represent the Polpharma Football Team by taking part in the Polish Pharmaceutical Championships.
Sylwia Wójcik

Sylwia Quality Control

My daily activities can be used in work for the Quality Control chemical laboratory. The wide range of products and multiple tests which need to be done for each of them mean that there is no time for boredom at work. It gives me great satisfaction that we safeguard the quality and safety of medicinal products.

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