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In this production plant, which has existed since 1987, we specialise in the production of antibiotics for children and adults. Here, we produce 12 million vials and 60 million tablets each year.

However, in addition to our products and professional achievements, many of us are actively involved in employee volunteer programmes. Every year we take part in a corporate picnic, and we organise a Christmas party for employees’ children.

We offer opportunities for career development in manufacturing, technical and engineering positions. We also offer the opportunity to gain valuable experience in quality control. We care about the development of our specialists, experts and managers in the manufacturing area as well as our staff in supporting departments.

What we offer

Our offer for employees includes working in a dynamic team under friendly working conditions. What makes us stand out among other employers is our vast package of employee benefits, which include:
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Private healthcare and insurance

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Employee Fund benefits

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Relocation package

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Development opportunity

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Sports cards

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Work tools

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Outside working hours

Outside working hours

Taking a step further together – not only at work, but also outside working hours! Our employees are quick to put sports in the forefront. And us? We put our employees in the forefront. Therefore, we support all initiatives related to active leisure, participating in sports and integration of all staff, and we get involved in volunteer activities.

Let's go cycling

Let's go cycling

You can never have too much exercise, which is why we motivate ourselves and others to cycle! Covered bike shelters have been built in selected spaces at company premises, and employees who cycle to work can regularly expect a variety of prizes!

Family picnics

Family picnics

When the weather gets warmer, we organise integrative picnics. This is yet another opportunity to get some fresh air, hear the opinions of colleagues, strengthen the team’s ties and engage with the local community. One such picnic is held on Polpharma Day.

Sport competition

Sport competition

We are interested in a variety of sports so we do not limit ourselves to competition in only one discipline. You can meet us at competitions for medical and pharmaceutical professionals, including MTB championships, marathons, ski competitions and triathlon!

Employees on Polpharma


Filip Cheliński Manufacturing

In my position, it is most important to have technical aptitude to be able to solve automation and mechanics-related problems. In my everyday work, I above all appreciate the specific, fixed working hours and the good atmosphere.
Sylwia Wójcik

Sylwia Wójcik Quality Control

My daily activities can be used in work for the Quality Control chemical laboratory. The wide range of products and multiple tests which need to be done for each of them mean that there is no time for boredom at work. It gives me great satisfaction that we safeguard the quality and safety of medicinal products.
Tomasz Slisewski

Tomasz Slisewski R&D

Working for Polpharmа is a driving force for me to develop continuously and to improve my skills. This is also due to the fact that I work for R&D at the API Plant and my daily work involves contact with a number of people and we work together to develop many new active substances. I share my passion for sports with many of my workmates; we inspire and motivate one another to accomplish increasingly better results. Polpharma made me come back to sports after a long break, initially to jogging and later on, my adventure with triathlon and MTB started.
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Pharmaceutical Works Polpharma S.A. , Production Department in Duchnice

Ożarowska 28/30
98-200 Sieradz

E-mail adress


tel: 22 721 11 63
fax: +48 43 829 92 05

NIP: 0000127044

KRS: 0000127044 Sąd Rejonowy w Gdańsku,

VII Wydział Gospodarczy

100.207.830 zł

100.207.830 zł

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