We know that for many years we have enjoyed the trust of patients. That is why the quality of our solutions, and the effectiveness and safety of our products are our priorities.

Workers in the laboratory

We ensure product quality at every stage of product development, including manufacture, testing, storage, distribution and sale. We are constantly introducing new mechanisms to control ongoing processes, and we are improving in this area to make ensure that effective and safe medicines are delivered to patients.


We feel responsible for our patients’ health, and thus also for the quality of the drugs we manufacture. We improve our pursuit of quality by constantly improving the qualifications of our employees, shaping awareness and encouraging proactive actions.


Quality at Polpharma is ensured by:

  • The work of the Quality Control Department, based on GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) and European Pharmacopoeia standards, which ensure full control over the quality of manufactured drugs.

GMP means Good Manufacturing Practice.

GMP is a system based on production and control procedures, as well as quality assurance, which guarantees that the manufactured products meet specific quality requirements. This activity is aimed at ensuring the repeatability of production and the homogeneity of products through close supervision over the production process, from the stage of supplying raw materials; through their storage, production, packaging and labelling; to the storage and distribution of finished products. This makes it possible to eliminate the likelihood of contamination of the product with foreign chemical, physical or microbiological substances. In addition, maintaining the correct documentation avoids errors that could occur while providing oral information.

  • Proven suppliers
    We carry out the supplier qualification process, i.e. a set of activities aimed at ensuring that the supplier meets the quality criteria set by the authorities. Qualifications are conducted in order to periodically check whether quality systems are maintained among our suppliers.
  • Qualitative audits
    We carry out systematic verification of our suppliers’ quality systems. Our plants and our facilities are also subject to regular inspections.

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Scientific Foundation

The Foundation was launched by Polpharma in 2001. Its mission is to support the development of pharmaceutical and medical sciences by financing scientific research in these fields.

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People in laboratory

Responsibility for employees

The personnel policy of Polpharma is based on the adopted values, system of professional competencies and open communication. It guarantees equal treatment of employees regardless of their gender, race, background, religion, sexual preferences or disability.
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Our products

We manufacture RX (prescription) drugs, OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, hospital drugs, as well as dietary supplements and medical devices. Our domains are cardiological, gastroenterological, neurological, pulmonary, anti-infective, dermatological and ophthalmic drugs.
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