Company Policies

The directions of our activity are determined by the policies and declarations accepted by the Management Board.


Quality Policy

The quality, effectiveness and safety of our products have the highest priority for our organization. The special nature of the products we offer, and their impact on human health and their life, make Polpharma a highly responsible social trust organization.

  • The quality, effectiveness and safety of our products have the highest priority for the ZF Polpharma Group.
  • We ensure the quality of a product at every stage of its development, production, testing, storage, distribution and sales through standardization of quality processes and implementation of continuous improvement mechanisms and process controls.
  • Our adopted standards and practices are in line with legal requirements and current guidelines.
  • We do believe that every employee is responsible for the quality of products delivered to the patient and customer. We improve the quality culture by constant enhancement of our employees’ qualifications, forming awareness and proactive actions across the whole value chain.
  • Patients and customer’s expectations and feedback are important elements of improving the quality of our products.
  • Following our values “Act with ownership”, “Act as one” and “Act with openness” we help people to live a healthy life in a healthy world.

Environmental Protection Policy

As a manufacturer of medicinal products and active pharmaceutical ingredients, we are committed to corporate social responsibility. We are aware of global environmental and climate challenges and their impact on human health, which is a core value for our company. Therefore, we seek to maintain a balance between the economic, social and environmental aspects of Polpharma Group’s activity. We take action to minimise our impact on the environment and on the climate, ultimately seeking to become neutral both in terms of the direct influence of our production processes and of our indirect impact across the value chain.

The following are the key directions of our activity, which stem from the opportunities and risks we have identified:

  • Efficient energy management, using clean and renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and applying compensatory measures to ultimately reach climate neutrality.
  • Designing products and processes to limit their impact on the environment and biodiversity across the value chain; designing, improving and implementing innovative green technologies and processes and applying green chemistry principles.
  • Minimising the emission of pollutants into the air, soil and water, including emissions of active substances in the course of manufacturing and auxiliary processes.
  • Rational and effective use of natural resources by means of applying circular economy principles, such as reduced consumption of raw materials, minimum waste generation, using recycled or reusable resources.
  • Minimising harmful environmental impact by rational selecting the means of transport with the smallest possible carbon footprint and by optimising logistics processes.
  • Creating a green work environment, including the use of green office and green event principles, promoting environmentally-friendly commuting and business travel rules and increasing process digitisation.
  • Building a sustainable supply chain by demanding that suppliers comply with specific environmental standards and supporting them in reducing their environmental and climate impact.
  • Making responsible procurement choices while taking into account environmental criteria.
  • Responsible marketing and education of stakeholders to ensure the right use of products and their adequate disposal to minimise the leakage of pharmaceutical substances from medicinal products into the natural environment.
  • Encouraging stakeholders to champion environmental protection and supporting them in their efforts.

The environmental aspects of Polpharma Group’s activities are governed by the environmental management system. The Environmental Protection Policy and other documents are part of the environmental management system. All of our employees are responsible for respecting and implementing them. Management, including the Management Board, supervises their application.

We comply with legal regulations and with environmental management system standards. We prevent failures and react immediately if they occur.

We continuously measure and analyse our impact on the environment. We set long-term environmental goals for ourselves. We engage in long-term dialogue with stakeholders. We educate, engage and reward our employees for contributing to process improvement. At the same time, we continuously improve our environmental management system and the solutions we apply. We regularly report on our impact and progress in the implementation of environmental goals in publicly accessible reports.

Employee Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Occupational Safety and Health is one of the key elements of Polpharma Group’s business strategy and a foundation for building responsible relationships with our employees and other stakeholders. We ensure the safety and health of our employees wherever they work for us – also if they are working remotely. We are building a culture of occupational safety and raising occupational safety standards across our value chain and in particular among our contractors and subcontractors who work under our direct supervision.

The commitments we make to effectively and successfully manage risks and opportunities in this area include:

  • Compliance with legal and other requirements relevant for OH&S and continuous enhancement of standards.
  • Ensuring safe and hygienic workplaces by taking advantage of current scientific and technical progress.
  • Maintaining and improving the OH&S management system to improve occupational safety results.
  • A continuous analysis of the company’s processes to eliminate and limit risks in the workplace.
  • Regular analyses of business processes to take account of the risks and opportunities related to occupational health and safety and to the OH&S management system.
  • Taking employee safety and health into account in production process planning and other business activities.
  • Preventing work-related injuries and ill health.
  • Applying adequate measures to mitigate risk according to their hierarchy, and in particular prioritising collective over personal protective equipment.
  • Broadening the knowledge and enhancing the skills of employees at all levels of the organisation and continuously reinforcing a culture of safety in the workplace, as well as promoting health prevention.
  • Encouraging employees and other stakeholders to adopt a proactive approach in order to increase their involvement in the process of ensuring safety and in health prevention.

The involvement of top management in the process, coupled with effective cooperation with employees of all levels is of strategic importance for improving the level of safety in the workplace and employee health. Involving employees and their representatives in the OH&S management process consists in consultations, participation in the decision-making process and co-responsibility for building a culture of health and safety in the workplace. We have been developing our OH&S management system in line with these priorities, providing the right resources and measures necessary for their continuous improvement, and we regularly report on our progress in generally available publications.

Diversity Policy

We are a diverse team in which the commitment and uniqueness of each person build the strength of our organization. The Diversity Policy sets out Polpharma’s standards and expectations for those who work for our company in order to create a friendly and open workplace where everyone has equal opportunities and feels comfortable.

Policy objectives:

  • Create an organizational culture free of prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination, in which diversity
    and equal opportunities allow each person to be themselves and create their own paths of personal
    and professional success. We promote the culture of: diversity, equity and inclusiveness
  • Emphasize the strategic importance of the culture of diversity, supporting our corporate values: act with ownership, act as one, act with openness, and stemming from the principles of the Polpharma
    Group Code of Ethics.
  • Create an open, friendly and inclusive environment. A place where every working person can develop and freely share ideas and comments, where they feel listened to and appreciated for the contribution they make to the operation and development of the company.

We are committed to:

  • promoting respect towards diversity;
  • promoting an organizational culture where every working person is valued for their contribution to the operation and development of the company, and where diversity is an added and desirable value;
  • promoting the principles of equal treatment in employment and professional development
    by implementing practices of impartial evaluation of people working at Polpharma:
    − regardless of inborn or acquired differences;
    − regardless of organizational identity, i.e. departmental affiliation, period and form of
    employment, location, etc.;
  • monitoring the sense of equitable treatment and belonging among people working at Polpharma;
  • a zero-tolerance policy against mobbing, which may manifest itself as intimidation, humiliation or harassment, and to preventing all forms of discrimination;
  • improving the knowledge of those working for the company and communicating with stakeholders to build an organizational culture that is open to diversity.

In creating a workplace that is friendly and open to diversity, Polpharma expects people working in and cooperating with the company to conduct themselves in accordance with Polpharma’s values and to respect the following principles:

  • Treat others with respect, accept differences, and be open to different points of view.
  • Act together, include, appreciate and support each other, regardless of differences.
  • Communicate based on kindness and a desire for mutual understanding.
  • Be aware of how expressing extreme views, prejudices and stereotypes affect others.
  • Respond to and report misconduct, whether you experience or witness it.
  • Be aware of the consequences of activities violating the law, ethical principles or Polpharma’s Diversity Policy.

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