Science and innovation

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We implement innovative solutions in all areas of our activities.

We continue to introduce processes, to manufacture more and more user-friendly drugs, and to make the manufacturing processes more effective and safer for the environment.

We use innovative ideas in product promotion, sales management and building relationships with patients and the medical community. We are a leader in the field of e-marketing and communication with doctors using modern online tools.

We want to enable healthcare professionals to optimise the care of their patients. We want to create comprehensive health solutions to help provide a long and healthy life for patients.


Innovation Leader

According to the European Patent Office (EPO), in 2018 Polpharma once again took first place among all Polish companies in terms of number of patent applications. In 2018, the company submitted six applications.

Polpharma for the development of science and knowledge building

Polpharma has been a partner in the world of science for many years. We cooperate with scientific communities, contributing to the commercialization of scientific achievements and the development of the knowledge-based economy.

What we do?

    • 20 million PLN to support science
    • 655 submitted projects
    • 70 grants awarded
  • Cooperation with research centres – e.g. Medical University of Gdansk – implementation doctorates + membership in the University Council – read more HERE
  • Dual education system in cooperation with the School of Economics in Starogard Gdański – more information HERE
  • To support digital transformation, we are introducing a number of solutions and we are an active participant in the debate on digitization – read about our activities HERE




patent applications
Polpharma is an innovation leader, as shown by the number of patent applications and patents grations
patents granted
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Digital solutions

Digitization is a civilizational change, on the scale of the harnessing of fire and invention of electricity. That is why, at Polpharma, we are actively researching and implementing digital technologies to show Poles new possibilities of maintaining health.
We are an active participant in the debate on the digitisation of industry and the Polish economy. We are one of the founders and a member of the Digital Poland Foundation. We have joined business partnerships to introduce new technological solutions.
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Our products

Polpharma Group, we intensively invest in the development of our products, which generally requires unique competences and the latest technologies. These may include drugs that are a combination of the active substance and a medical device such as pre-filled syringes, autoinjectors, eye drops with a unique applicator, or inhalation drugs - we create these products with specific patient expectations in a more convenient form. Our R&D deals with the development of these products.
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Business partnerships

We are convinced that business partnerships are an important factor in the development of Polpharma Group.
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Manufacturing plants

Each plant of Polpharma Group and its strategic partners specialises in particular drugs and medical products. Together they form a network of seven competence centres.
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Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

We are the largest Polish manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), i.e. active substances for inclusion in finished drug forms.
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