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The foundation was established by Polpharma in 2001. Its mission is to support the development of pharmaceutical and medical sciences by financing scientific research in these fields.

It is expressed by the slogan:

We help people of science


Patients’ needs, perceived differently at various stages of product development, have always been a priority for Polpharma Group. The Polpharma Scientific Foundation derives from this philosophy and is one of the largest organizations in the country financing research projects implemented by Polish scientists.

The main goal of the foundation is to finance research projects of exceptional importance for the development of medicine and pharmacy, undertaken by academic research centers and research and development institutions. Since the establishment of the Foundation, we have already allocated nearly PLN 27 million, thanks to which 78 research teams have been able to continue and complete scientific research. The projects are selected through an annual competition.


Contact info

Naukowa Fundacja Polpharmy
00-728 Warszawa
ul. Bobrowiecka 6
tel:. + 48 22 364 63 13
fax: + 48 22 364 61 56
e-mail: fundacja@polpharma.com

The Foundation in numbers

The number of scientific grants awarded, with a total value of nearly PLN 27 million, and 61 projects have been completed.
The number of scholarships awarded to doctoral students, for a total amount of PLN 660,000.
thousand PLN
The total value of prizes for the winners of the National Master's Degree Competitions of Pharmaceutical Faculties.

The number of published volumes of scientific notebooks in 'Progress of Polish Medicine and Pharmacy'.
The number of scientists on the Scientific Council, all of whom are professors of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.
The number of projects submitted in 19 editions of the competition.


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