21 March 2022

Statement of ZF POLPHARMA S.A.

In connection with the ongoing war on the territory of Ukraine, we would like to express our deepest compassion and solidarity with the suffering nation of this country. With great sadness and agitation we observe the worsening tragic situation for the Ukrainian civilians. We, together with our employees, are committed to support, including the supply of the most necessary life-saving medicines.

We provide help to people who are sick and in need, wherever it is necessary, continuing providing help to the Ukrainian citizens. First of all, we focus our efforts on ensuring the safety of our employees in Ukraine, helping them and their families relocate to Poland and providing the necessary support.

Polpharma donated more than 350,000 packages of life-saving medicines, including antibiotics and emergency medicines, which are most lacking in hospitals in Ukraine. We cooperate with Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves to best answer the medical needs of Ukraine and provide help, where it is needed.

At Polpharma, we consider patient welfare to be the highest value. As a pharmaceutical company we believe that every patient in need, especially a child, elderly patient or those suffering from chronic diseases, has the right to access to the treatment regardless of race or nationality. At the moment, our company’s production for the Russian market includes only pediatric products, products used in acute medical conditions or in the treatment of chronic diseases. These are products that are important for health, therefore their deliveries to Russia will be sustained. On the other hand, we have discontinued the production of life-style products that only improve the quality of life. Our action is in line with the scope of international economic sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, as these do not apply to medicines. Polpharma also does not import any medicines, active ingredients or other raw materials for production from the territory of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

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