15 December 2021

Being a national champion carries responsibility

Polpharma joins the ranks of national champions again. It is also named as an innovation leader, and recognized for its exemplary care for the environment.

The ranking of national champions, prepared for the fourth time by Polityka Insight, demonstrates that Poland’s largest drug manufacturer – alongside PKN Orlen, KGHM, Asseco Poland and Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa – is one of the greatest contributors to the development of modern Polish economy.

Sebastian Szymanek, President of the Management Board at Polpharma, lists safety, innovation, and economic impact as the company’s key focus areas. – Were the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Poland, and it is our absolute priority to secure drug access for Polish citizens. One in every eight drug packages sold in Polish pharmacies, and one in three used in Polish hospitals, come from our factories. Every single day, also during the pandemic, we prove that Polish patients can count on us and be sure that the medicines they need will be available without any problems – the President assures.

The ranking of national champions is part of the report “National Champions: How They Support the Environment”. When compiling the list, four major categories were evaluated, including economy, industry, foreign market presence, and innovation. In terms of innovation, Polpharma nearly swept the board, scoring 87 points out of 100 possible. Among other aspects, the company’s R&D expenditures and the number of employees involved in R&D activities were highly appreciated. Each year, the company allocates ca. PLN 200 million in new products investments. About 300 highly qualified specialists work in Polpharma’s three development centers in Poland.

As its President underscores, Polpharma – being a Polish company – develops and manufactures medicines in Poland, and it is from here that they are exported, thus contributing to the country’s competitiveness in international markets. Polpharma develops innovative dosage forms, such as combinations of several APIs in one tablet for cardiac applications or the ECO range of preservative-free ophthalmic products. In addition, the company incorporates innovations into processes and technologies, which makes its products increasingly patient-friendly, and its manufacturing processes more efficient and environmentally safe.

Innovation is ingrained in Polpharmas DNA. Pharmacy is one of the most innovative industries globally, and we are the best proof of that – says Sebastian Szymanek. – We invest heavily in the development of advanced products that provide significant value to the patient. Were building cooperation with Polish scientists, helping them to increase their potential in the country. So it is indeed for a reason that we ranked first in innovation among all national champions. This is something were particularly happy about – he adds.

For years, the company has been focusing its efforts on the development of science, contributing to the commercialization of scientific achievements and the growth of knowledge-based economy. Between 2016 and 2020 alone, Polpharma filed 82 patent applications and was granted 47 patents. The company’s contributions to supporting Polish science, transferred through the Polpharma Scientific Foundation, reached PLN 27 million.

According to the report compiled by Polityka Insight, Polpharma is also one of the top “green champions” – companies with the greatest environmental commitment. In this area, recognition was given mainly to the company’s engagement in caring for the natural environment, and actions to raise employee awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility and green management, which is particularly relevant in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) adopted by the UN Member States. Agenda 2030 has a number of objectives, including responsible consumption and production, combating climate change, and sustainable use of ecosystems.

High scores indicate that despite operating in an industry with a relatively negative impact on the environment, Polish companies aim to reduce their environmental footprint through various protective measures and by minimizing the external effects of their business – say the authors of the report.

In their view, the success of climate transition depends to a major extent on the attitudes of the business community. It can become a reality when the private sector views itself as a relevant and influential actor in the process. This applies in particular to big players with a capacity to influence and act as catalysts for change in consumer behavior and awareness, and produce an impact on their business partner networks and even entire market segments. There are, among those highly impactful organizations, companies recognized as national champions.

Polpharma’s President assures that the title of national champion – in addition to being a great honor – carries a weight of responsibility. – Champions should be trailblazers and set an example to follow, especially in such important areas as environmental protection. Caring for the environment is one of our strategic priorities, while decarbonization and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are among our key goals for the coming years – the President declares.

We believe that this years Polityka Insight report focusing on environmental efforts will inspire many Polish companies to follow suit – he adds.


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