30 March 2021


Based on Employees’ votes, Polpharma was among the companies distinguished in the prestigious competition “Family-friendly Company / Human-friendly Company” (Family & Human Humanites Wellbeing Award 2020) organized by the Humanites Institute. This competition, referring to the role played by the mutual influence of family life and professional life, gained particular importance during the pandemic. Its mission is to raise awareness among Employers and promote the best long-term strategies, practices, behaviors and decisions to support employees in this regard. According to the latest research by the Humanites Institute, “Barriers and Trends – Technological Transformation of Companies in Poland, taking into account the human / employee / consumer perspective”, as many as 79% of employees find it difficult to combine professional and private roles. We are all the more happy and thank you for distinguishing among other companies in the context of creating a work environment conducive to the integration of professional and private roles.

A total of several dozen companies from 11 industries, employing about 65,000 people in total, applied for the competition. The winners of the competition and the title winners were: in the Small Companies category (up to 50 employees): Tradedoubler, in the Medium Companies category (from 50 to 250 employees): Bibby Financial Services Sp. z o.o. and in the Large Companies category (over 250 employees): Johnson & Johnson.

Polpharma received a distinction in the “Big Company” category for special care for contact with employees on maternity or paternity leave, which gives them a sense of connection with the team and facilitates return to work.

We are grateful to the Employees and the jury for appreciating our activities.

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