20 August 2020

Polpharma gets ISO 20400 certificate

Polpharma is the first company in Poland to receive a certificate confirming the compliance of the purchasing system with the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement standard. ISO 20400 is the first international standard, which strategic goal is to support companies in creating and implementing a sustainable purchasing policy.

Confirmation of high standards

The certificate is the result of the consistent implementation of the Sustainable Supply Chain strategy implemented in the Polpharma Group. It also confirmed the position of the company as a leader in developing the best market standards in the area of sustainable development in Poland. ISO 20400 does not contain specific requirements for suppliers and is not a tool for assessing supplier sustainability performance. Instead, it describes how organizations can integrate sustainability into their procurement process. By obtaining the certificate, Polpharma received confirmation of the compliance of the Sustainable Supply Chain strategy and purchasing processes with the requirements of the new standard.

“The decision to proceed with the certification was made quite a long time ago and is an expression of the strategic importance of implementing high CSR standards in the supply chain. This is the result of the work of a large interdisciplinary team and proves that our organization looks strategically into the future. This certificate proves it. ” – said Elżbieta Czarnocka, leader of the Sustainable Supply Chain project at Polpharma.

Consistent strategy

Already in 2014, Polpharma decided to include the Sustainable Supply Chain in its corporate social responsibility strategy. The directions of activities became the starting point for a new model of cooperation with suppliers, based on partnership and mutual inspiration, how to raise standards in the supply chain and minimize risks in the field of human rights, work safety and ecology. The company is consistently developing this area, introducing new guidelines and tools to effectively implement the adopted assumptions.

Thanks to the Sustainable Supply Chain strategy implemented in the first years and knowledge and experience gained in the process, it was possible to adopt the “Sustainable Supply Chain Policy in the Procurement Area” in 2019. It permanently introduced the categories of sustainable development (ethical, social criteria and environmental) to conduct business relations and purchases of all divisions in the entire Polpharma Group. The policy describes in detail the assumptions and guidelines for the entire purchasing process: from establishing and maintaining relationships with suppliers, including their selection and evaluation, as well as supporting, educational and control activities towards suppliers. The policy describes the final state and assumes its gradual implementation in all Polpharma companies and departments.

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