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08 July 2024

Polpharma is a supporting partner of a charity campaign for children affected by road accidents — the Huge Expedition of “Maluch” Cars

With great pride, we announce that we have become a Supporting Partner of the Huge Expedition of “Maluch” Cars for Children 2024 – a wonderful charity initiative aimed at supporting children affected by traffic accidents and preventing further tragedies through educating the youngest.

Last year, there were 1,778 road accidents involving children in Poland, resulting in the tragic loss of 48 lives. While these numbers are alarming, they were nearly twice as high ten years ago. The Huge Expedition of “Maluch” Cars has been contributing to a positive trend in recent years.

As the organizers of the campaign write: “the most vulnerable and therefore the most physically and psychologically affected group in road accidents are children”. That is why Polpharma decided to contribute and support this outstanding idea. Therefore, on July 5th, 80 popular “Maluch” cars – Fiat 126p will depart from the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, driven by icons of Polish motorsport across generations. Their destination is Monte Cassino. That’s 3,200 kilometers of ambitious adventure for a noble cause.

The team from Polpharma and SenseMed Concept Clinic will also embark on this wonderful and challenging journey. By day, they work in offices, medical offices, or as medical representatives, but for these few days, they will transform into tireless adventurers in the old-school style.

For more information about the Huge Expedition, visit the official website and Facebook profile:



The Huge Expedition organizers have also set up a fundraising page where everyone can support children affected by traffic accidents:


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